It's my first time study abroad and it's in Nanjing, China

Finally, but still sad

January 15 th cold saturday

I finally finished my projects to my courses. It's been awhile because I had to focus on my school. I have been isolated from everything. Well now it's all over.
Jessica and Freddie went back to their hometown tonight. I really going to miss both of them. They are so freaking perfect together even if they are diffrent. Thanks for everything Freddie and Jess. I hate to say goodbye. It was a little bit emotional to say goodbye to them, but that's life isn't it? Just turn the page and start a new chapter.

Realized that it's been exactly 1 month since I post something here and the last time Pelle leave Nanjing.
I'll try to catch up what happen the last month and also my Beijing trip.

Back from Beijing

December 15 th cloudy wednesday

Came back this morning to Nanjing. Pelle is leaving China tomorrow and he's both happy and sad because of leaving china. My first friend and guide in china will be gone tomorrow=( and also my other roomie Jin will leave soon. Next weekend is Christmas, dammit I have to admit that I have a little bit home sick now. Just a little bit. I'll update my days in Beijing later on. Today I dedicade this day for my roomie Pelle.

Im going to Beijing

November 3 sunny Friday

Im off to Beijing now, will be back tuesday or wednesday

BBQ at Gulin Park

December 2 sunny Thursday

Yesterday I was out with the crew from SouthEast. We planned to play paintball but the BBQ took so long time so we canceled paintball.
We passed a school and asked for the way to Gulin park and the girl who helped us ask the Korean girl where she had her eyes and/or nose surgery. But she hasn't have a surgery. Should you take it as a compliment or not when someone ask you where you had the surgery?

Had lunch with Freddie on wednesday and he invite me to go with him to Beijing. So we bought the ticket yesterday(Thursday). Im going to take the train with beds so today Freddie and I leaving Nanjing 23.51 and arrive at Beijing around 10 am saturday. Freddie going to live at his friends apartment and I will live in Youth Hostel by myself. He asked if I want him to join me live in the hostel, but I told him that he do what he want. I don't want to force him waste money because of me and had the pressure to be with me the whole trip and also I want to take care of myself.
Anyone had some tips where to go in Beijing? Type it in the comments. I only stay there for 3-4 days.

  • Was BBQ with the crew from SoutEasth University
  • Pauline thinks that I look like her cousin, but I don't thinks so
  • Bought the ticket to Beijing, leaving on friday night with Freddie

Sunghae (Korea), Aziza (Unknown), Hee Sun (Korea), Jerome (France), Ophelie (France), Pato (Mexico),
Maggie (Belgium), Helena (States), Asaf (Puerto Rico, Mexico), Pauline (Belgium, Chinese) and Julien (France)

Maggie as Fiona in Shrek. She's so funny

Pauline with our bad ass sandwich

These two ladies sat down and chit chat with us

Me and Pauline

Free drinks at Mazzo 2

November 28 - December 1

I took Lina to tao tao xiang on sunday for some shopping. Compare to Fasion Lady Tao tao xiang is a little bit cheaper. Sometimes you can really find cheap clothes there. I found a blazer for me and a really beautiful ring to my sister. After that we went to Ktv to meet up Yhurri, Monica, Emma and Dennica.

Sunday and monday I got a call from Chuang Chuang, she said that she works at mazzo 2 nowadays. She asked if I can bring some girls to Mazzo 2 and we will drink some bottle of remy martin for free. There's not many people I know who want to go out and party on a sunday nor monday. Someone from Sweden want to come?

I have spent the other day with Lina in her workshop, she draw her design and I do my homework. We also watch movie together, I usually don't watch movie because I don't want to watch it alone.


  • Been doing homework in a workshop
  • Spent the days with Lina
  • Chuang Chuang offer me free drinks in mazzo 2

Weather in Nanjing

Baseball in our school

Spicy but you keep eat it because it's delicious. Like spicy noodles. it's too spicy but you keep eat it

Found some toblerone and cookies from Denmark=)

I left a note on a wall. The text is "Mama hu hu"

Ladies Night with Vanessa Hudgens look alike

Hee sun (Korea), Yonca (Germany), Hae Kyung (Korea), Me, Maggie (Belgium), Lorena (Italy) and Helena (USA)

November 27 sunny Saturday

Helena invite me to go ice skating at Olympic stadium with her "group", unfortunately the boys Pato and Jojo (spelling) isn't in Nanjing so it's only me and six girls. I was thinking not to join them but what a hell it's just six girls=). They where from Korea, Belgium, Germany, Italy and the States. I had a fun time with them and Helena and her friends took good care of me. After we finished our supper the girls was going out to a prom and have a ladies night so I went to meet Pelle and his company. He was with Lucy, Kate and Linnea who is also from Sweden.
We sat in a mexican pub/bar and talked and drink some cocktails. There was a time when it was only me, Pelle and Linnea there and it was a long time ago I talked so much Swedish. We went to castle and after some minutes Helena, Maggie and Lorena joined us. The other girls was to tired to go so it was only them. Later on Emelie and Ellinor passed so I told them to join us. So we was 7 girls and 2 guys.
When we all danced in a circle on the dancefloor Lucy really surprised me by came up to me from the opposite side and dance with me. I was surprised because usually chinese girls who don't go to club so often isn't that brave.
There's one thing I did wrong that night. I played softball with Ellinor and Emelie and forgot to be with Helena, Maggie and Lorena so when they left I was really disappointed of myself. Helena took care of me so well but I couldn't do the same to her. So Trieu Remember to take care of your friends. Improve!

  • I had a great time with Helena and her friends. She invite me to other activities
  • Went out with alot of friends and had fun
  • Feel good to talk swedish
  • Lucy asked me alot of questions and surprised me by came up to me and danced
  • Helena looks like Vanessa Hudgens when she dance

Massage with a gun

November 26 cloudy Friday

Spent my morning and afternoon with Pelle and to see his exhibition. He designed a small landscape and got choose to build it. In his group it's Yhurri and Lucy. I think his designed was one of the best. The other design was to much color or didn't really have a theme. Less is more. They came second place in the competition maybe they didn't win because their works looks expensive. The Company Pelle works for, build the exhibition for him that's why he manage to make it looks so professional. The judges ask them how much it has cost to build the exhibition.
Had dinner with Pelle, Lucy, Bobby, Lina and Yhurri. Right after that, I meet Samantha and we went to San Pai Lu for some BBQ food and beer. Samantha took me to a massage place and it was so so. During the massage Samantha told me that she saw the man that gave her massage have a gun on him, the thing is that people in the room next to us starts arguing and the man went over to check what's happening, at that time I was prepared to hear a gunshot. So freaking scary. After I drop of Samantha I went to 1912 to meet Nadia. I planned to stay there for 30 min but end up stay there to 3 am. We was at soho bar but I didn't enjoy the wannabe korean artist there so we went to Mazzo 2. I was invited to the table with sofa and was served remy martin. I drank with a manager (mr lu) and his brother which I don't remember the name.


November 25 sunny Thursday

I think me and Katy eat every 2 hours this thanksgiving day. Our school cafeteria, honeymoon dessert, street food and 85 cent.


November 24 Cloudy Wednesday

Had a breakdown last night. I was so sad because of my life. Today after class I went out to meet Samantha. She's a native here in Nanjing and she's a boss. Samantha running a store in Fashion lady so I asked her some question about it and just hang out with her. I'm up and running now, feeling better after my breakdown.

Yesterdays outfit

Celebrate my new bought tripod with a outfit picture from yesterday.

Picture it

November 23

Nanjing Art school

November 23 sunny tuesday

My friends told me that Nanjing Art Scool maybe has alot of beautiful girls and their clothes style is good. They told me that I fit there. So I had a quick visit to the art school. I think I choosed the wrong time, I think everyone had classes because there was a few people around the school.
Freaking shit, I have spent half of my day try to finish my freaking homework but I can't. Maybe this isn't my major, maybe I should move on and do something else. So frustrated right now that I even want to cry. Buhu. And another things is I miss my lovely bed

Xuhui made me got goosebump

November 22 sunny Monday

Followed Wendy to a model company in Xin Jie Kou, and it seems that they liked her. So they will take some picture on her on wednesday. It was a experience to see how it works. She want me to company her when they taking photos but I don't know if I should go. Had a quick visit in Samanthas store in fashion lady. The name of the store is of course Samantha.
Jess and I watch a concert in the sports hall in our school. Everything concert is almost the same I think. Until Xuhui start singing. I haven't talked to her for weeks and didn't know that she's going to have a performance. When she start singing I got goosebumps and at that time I really want to buy flowers to her to give it to her on stage, but I didn't have time to go away. After the concert me and Jess went to buy flowers to Xuhui and after 11 pm I gave it to her thru the window. Jess told me she was really happy and grateful. I'm glad that I didn't miss that performance.

Forgot to say that I bought a tripod for my camera, so now I can take some "todays outfit" without someones help.

Party through facetime

November 21 sunny Sunday

Got a message from Ka Thanh at 4 am morning and he want me to call him through facetime. I woke up called him and he was with the others from BTX at Jinns house. They where celebrating Jinns birthday. I joined them and drank with them and talked to some. They had really fun and I miss those days with my friends. I could see in some of the guys that they really missed to gather around and have fun together. They where so drunk and wild and I could enjoy and watch them have fun. Miss you guys.

At the evening I had supper with Pelle and Jess(Jessica), we also went to see Pelles exhibition. I will talk about it later on another post. After supper me and Jess went to the supermarket and had fun. Felt like I have live in China for a long time, and I enjoyed to be with Jess again.

November 20 cloudy Saturday

Had a chit chat with Elisabeth and her classmates, Peipei, Janet and Evans in Freedom bar or like Elisabeth called it. Fring. There was a competition for post graduate students so we watch it for awhile. They played the music "Endless love - Jackie Chan" so beautiful. Meet my teacher there with his girlfriend, they looked so cute together. I have so many videos I want to share to you guys but I can't because I don't have the premission to upload anything on my webserver.

Me, my teacher Jiang and his girlfriend